17 06 2013

Being explored in the game recognize the best partner

I was a player of guild wars 2, so I would not say I was perfect, or that I have not done some of the same things. But there are indeed some new players will do, I think the game will become more interesting. Technically speaking, there are always some of the more effective ways to upgrade, make guild wars 2 gold or obtain materials. But every time when I help a new player, I will think of it when I started the time and did not do better than him. Because of the guild wars 2, I have more good understanding of build, but this does not make Guild Wars 2 becomes easier. So I would say that the best partner to recognize the game is exploring.
Perhaps because my map is only open 43%. For this reason I will encounter a lot of scenes I was shocked. Whether it's magnificent skills, or distinct racial or map design, and even the story itself, are so charming. Listening to the players tell me these may also be a reason for always liked this game.
There are many small details make the game even more perfect. And these unique design makes Guild Wars 2 becomes a true work of the world, new players do not understand this, so when they know that you can tap the mouse you can send the guild wars items to the bank, they will instantly be mad! Similarly, you need to do is play the game according to your ideas!

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