17 06 2013

Pkpkg share of 80.3% in the United States wow gold market

According to the figures released by the market research firm comScore on Tuesday show, in the past three months the continued growth of pkpkg, which accounted for 80.3% of wow users in the United States.
Data show that in November 2012 to May 2013, during the past six months, the pkpkg market share increased from 3.2% to 50.1%. The pkpkg market share is growing, but the competitor’s market share in the landslide, however ige.com has the biggest decline. 
Calculated on wow gold users, pkpkg is the third largest wow gold providers. To the global wow gold market, the market share of pkpkg is 13.5% in May, compared to November, 2012 increased by 2.3%.  
ComScore found in six months as of May 2013, more than 104 million Americans play the game World of Warcraft, which increased by 14% during the six month.  

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